What Our Clients Say About First Aid Plus


YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Having been a teacher for 46 years, I recognize a unique and superior teacher when I see one, and you are one of those rare, natural, awesome teachers. How you imparted so much information in one training session, and kept us ( a decidedly rather senior audience) captivated and engaged audience for over 8 hours is an amazement. Thank you so very much for doing these two courses. We so appreciate the superior first aid/CPR training that 31 of our active members now have. We can now go out on our nature walks, day paddling trips and camping trips with more confidence that we have trained First Aid people that are on these activities.


I just finished your CPR course that Stan gave to us over the weekend. As a tow truck driver we often end up on first on scene. Sometimes accidents can have people in need of medical attention. Before this course, I had no clue what to do. Now that I have taken your training, I can arrive on scene take control with confidence and help out anyone in need and give them a better fighting chance until other help arrives. I believe everyone should take this course. If one day, I save one persons life because of your course. It was worth it. Thanks again.


I am writing this email to express our gratitude and thanks for the support your organization provided to us. Contributing to the great success of the camp was the First Aid training provided to an additional 15 youth by your organization and, more specifically, your trainer Kate. I think it is very important, that as her supervisor, you know how impressed our organization was with the high degree of professionalism and knowledge displayed by Kate. I had the chance to observe some of the training provided by Kate to our youth and was thoroughly impressed with how well she handled herself and also presented the material to the youth. Throughout, the youth were attentive, actively participating, and were genuinely appreciative of the training. Everyone that I have spoken with has provided me with very positive feedback. However, even during her breaks, we were able to keep Kate gainfully employed as she responded to two major incidents involving youth. While she did a great job of presenting the academic side of First Aid to our youth, Kate proved equally capable and outstanding in the practical application and showcasing her knowledge and skillset. Throughout the entire camp, Kate displayed great professionalism, knowledge, was courteous, and, given that it was her first camp, was immensely adaptable. Kate brought great credit on herself, but also on your organization.