Aleksandra Musial

Aleksandra is an energetic instructor with First Aid Plus. After being a competitive swimmer since the age of eight, she naturally became a lifeguard and swim instructor in 2001. Years later, an AEMCA certified Paramedic, Aleksandra is also an ITLS, ACLS, PALS, Standard First-Aid and CPR instructor.

When critical emergencies happen, dedicated professionals respond with knowledge and skill to help the individuals involved. Aleksandra believes the most important tool to responding as an effective team is clear communication.

“My greatest passion is responding to emergencies and helping my patient transition through their crisis, no matter what the size! My other great passion, teaching! What better way to keep sharp on my own skills, or to help others, then to teach skills and knowledge that was taught to me.”

With a background in medicine, teaching, tutoring and management, Aleksandra understands that no single approach to learning is the right approach for everyone. She understands that what may be easy to some, may be difficult for others, and so, approaches each classroom setting with an open mind, and a compassionate ear.

“Like on the road, response is a team effort, and so is learning in my classroom.”