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Powerheart G5 AED by Cardiac Science


$2,100.00 $1,825.00

English/French Powerheart AEDs G5 Semi-Automatic Stocking Package

Features and benefits

Easy to use
Users can successfully perform each critical step of rescue with the
Powerheart G5’s real-time CPR feedback, user-paced instruction,
intuitive pad design.

Rugged and reliable
Ready to go whenever you need it with a durable design tested to
military standards and an IP55 rating for protection from dust
and water. The highly visible Rescue Ready® indicator confirms your
G5 has passed rigorous daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests.

Customise the prompts, shock protocols, and CPR feedback to match
user skills and preferences and easily update these settings if
Resuscitation Guidelines change.

Incredibly smart
Rely on the Powerheart G5’s advanced technology with customised
escalating energy and fast shock times. Easily switch to an alternate
language during a rescue with the push of a button.

The G5 is built to last with a eight-year device warranty and four-year full replacement warranty on the medical grade battery



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