Kleen Hand Sanitizer 1L

Kleen Hand Sanitizer 1L


Kleen Hand Sanitizer is an antibacterial skin cleanser for occasional and personal use to help reduce bacteria on the skin.

  • Kleen RX contains 70% ethanol, meeting current standards for medical grade hand hygiene.
  • Kleen RX is ready to use.  No water is required. Can be used anywhere, anytime, and provides effective hand hygiene in just 30 seconds.
  • The combination of Aloe+Vitamin E offers superior moisturizing and counteracts the drying effects of the ethanol. Conditions skin while helping to guard against dermatological problems even after multiple uses.
  • Kleen RX is clear, non-staining, and residue-free. Does not impact glove performance.
  • 1L bottle

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