Disinfectant Wipes (160/box)

Disinfectant Wipes (160/box)


Potent disinfectants can often be quite toxic. The goal is to remain potent and minimize toxicity. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) has achieved this key balance. Diversey Wipes is an alternative with proven efficacy that is gentle to end-users and surfaces. AHP is a patented, synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide dramatically increase its germicidal potency and cleaning performance.

  • Powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) technology
  • Effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, in just 1 minute
  • Improves compliance by staying wet for the required label contact time, ensuring disinfection while streamlining the process
  • With 1 pass, Oxivir Tb wipes are tough enough to clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment, while being gentle on staff, equipment and surfaces
  • Non-irritating to eyes and skin, and require no safety warnings or personal protective equipment
  • Environmentally Responsible – active ingredients break down to oxygen and water after use
  • Kills a wide variety of organisms of concern including TB, Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and the drug-resistant organisms MRSA and VRE
  • Meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and body fluids
  • Colorless with a characteristic scent
  • Made in Canada


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