Essential Life Saving Tips
For The Entire Family

Essential Life Saving Tips For The Entire Family

First Aid Plus Testimonials

5 star rating Essential Life Saving Tips For The Entire Family

We so appreciate the superior first aid/CPR training that 31 of our active members now have. We can now go out on our nature walks, day paddling trips and camping trips with more confidence that we have trained First Aid people that are on these activities.” – Brenda

5 star rating Essential Life Saving Tips For The Entire Family

Sometimes accidents can have people in need of medical attention. Before this course, I had no clue what to do. Now that I have taken your training, I can arrive on scene take control with confidence and help out anyone in need and give them a better fighting chance until other help arrives.” – Vinny

5 star rating Essential Life Saving Tips For The Entire Family

Excellent application of adult learning theory. Great use of practical examples. Incorporated and respected previous experiences.  The focus on skill station and application of trauma surveys made an enjoyable and practical course.”
– Ann

First Aid Plus

Our Services

At First Aid Plus we provide up-to-date information and complete guidance on the correct actions to take in an emergency.  Our in-depth knowledge and experience extend from Basic First Aid to Advanced Marine, First Responder Training and more! From parents looking to enhance their skills to job-required re-licensing, we are ready for you!

General First Aid Training

This is for anyone and everyone who wants to ensure that they are ready in an emergency.  Choosing to enroll will give you the essential skills you need to take the necessary actions until medical help arrives and is the best choice any parent could make.  If a child suffers a burn, a broken bone, or chokes, do you know what to do? Let us show you!

First Aid Online Store

We offer a wide range selection of essential first aid supplies from First Aid Kits for your, home, Health Canada Approved hand sanitizers, Personal Protective Equipment, Masks, and much more.  We have everything you need in stock now weather you are buying for your home, office or medical team, we have you covered!

Advanced Licensing Courses

Our highly experienced and specialized educators are the best in their field.   We proudly offer the most advanced first aid training for health care workers, first responders, and more.   Our unmatched courses will provide essential, up-to-date information on procedural changes for even the most seasoned first aid experts. Require licensing or re-licensing?