BLS Instructor Course

Becoming an instructor with Heart & Stroke is rewarding and challenging. We’re looking for individuals motivated by a commitment to lifelong learning and who possess a desire and willingness to help others apply skills and knowledge to advance their performance, confidence and effectiveness.

Heart & Stroke instructors must meet specific qualifications and undergo an application, approval, training and monitoring process.


Intended Audience

Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you committed to saving lives? Some Canadians become instructors because they want to want to lead their colleagues in more effective skills training and positive patient outcomes. Others want to make a difference in their community so that more people feel confident and able to respond when they see an emergency. When you become a Heart & Stroke instructor, you become more than an educator. You join a community of difference-makers, create more awareness among Canadians and help fund more research. Most of all, you help to save lives.


Course Overview

Following successful completion of the instructor-level course, instructor candidates are required to be evaluated on their ability to plan and deliver a course. This process is called, “monitoring”. Monitoring is done under the mentorship of an existing instructor with eligible status.


BLS Instructor Course Overview

Working with a monitoring instructor*, candidates will be expected to:

  • Actively participate in the planning and delivery of a course in their chosen discipline
  • Actively participate in the evaluation of participants in this course

BLS Instructor Course
As an instructor candidate, you can request monitoring for any applicable course that’s offering monitoring.

* Acceptable monitoring instructors include:

  • Experienced instructor (Heart & Stroke approved)
  • Instructor trainer
  • Master instructor


Course Prerequisites

To be an Instructor candidate, you should exemplify integrity, demonstrate strong ethics, communicate clearly, and model a dedication to quality of training. You must be at least 18 years old.In addition, each discipline has unique prerequisites and qualifications.

It is important that you book your course on the First Aid Plus website first ( This will ensure that you will get all the materials and pre-requisites before attending the class. After registering on the First Aid Plus website, interested candidates need to go to Heart and Stroke portal and apply on the Heart and Stroke website to be accepted as an instructor.When you apply, Heart and Stroke will guide you through the process with step-by-step instructions. Here is an overview:

  • Have a current provider completion card in the discipline(s) you wish to teach.
  • Complete and submit your instructor application and pay your $55 instructor application fee.
  • Register for, attend and successfully complete the instructor course for your selected discipline.
  • Accept the relevant Instructor agreements.
  • Successfully complete monitoring on a course by a Heart & Stroke-approved experienced instructor, instructor trainer or master instructor within six months of completing the instructor course (First Aid Plus Instructor)
  • Pay $75 annual instructor fee (pro-rated to activation date) to activate your instructor status.


Course Duration

15 Hours

The cost to become an instructor varies by discipline and by factors related to rates charged by the instructor trainer or master instructor delivering the instructor course.
Heart & Stroke’s instructor fees as follows:

  1. Application fee = $55
  2. Annual instructor fee = $75 (pro-rated to activation date)
  3. Course materials = variable by discipline (First Aid Plus $575.00)

Instructor course & monitoring fees are not set by Heart & Stroke, but rather by the instructor training provider (e.g., agency, institution, instructor trainer, master instructor).


COVID-19 Protocols at First Aid Plus
Our 20-person classroom has been marked off and can safely accommodate 8-9 students while following the strictest of COVID-19 safety protocols.
We have increased cleaning, ensuring that all hard surfaces, countertops, door handles, and all touched surfaces are cleaned with a hospital-grade disinfectant multiple times a day. A cleaning schedule is placed in sight, located on the fridge.
We have installed HEPA air purifiers in both the office and the classroom.
We vacuum twice a day using a hospital-grade HEPA filter vacuum.
Staff are monitored every day and students are asked to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire upon entry and must have their temperature taken.
Hand sanitizers are available at the door, in the lunch area, as well as in the classroom.
No equipment is shared for the duration of the class
All equipment and class materials are thoroughly sanitized after each use.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at


Upcoming Courses

We do not currently have any upcoming sessions of this course scheduled.


To be an Instructor candidate, you should exemplify integrity, demonstrate strong ethics, communicate clearly, and model a dedication to quality of training. You must be at least 18 years old.
In addition, each discipline has unique prerequisites and qualifications.


Required Materials